Black and Decker

Black & Decker EF1220 Deep Fryer 220-240 Volt 50 Hz

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Fryer body Temperature control dial Thermostat lamp Removable lid Removable frying basket Removable basket handle Removable cooking pot Max and Min indication lines.

This product is 220-240 Volt 50 Hz for use overseas outside North America. These items will not work in North America with 110 volts.

  • 1000W OF POWER
  • 1.2 L Deep Fryer
  • Non-stick Coated Bowl
  • Thermostat Control
  • Mechanical Timer
  • Lid Lock & Release Button
  • Circular Heating Element
  • See-through Window With Wiper
  • 3 layered filters reduces cooking odours & better hygiene
  • Removable lid and bowl reduces cleaning hassles
  • Circular heating element for quick and even heating of oil , better cooking result
  • Temperature control & timer facility for a variety of cooking needs