South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho - Type M 2 in 1 - Travel Plug Adapter

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2 Input: 1st one Universal Input: Accepts plugs from all countries (except the Type M - big S. Africa 8.7mm Plug) 2nd one Accepts 2 prong plug from any country

Key Features

  • Ultra small, compact and easy to slip into your suitcase pocket
  • Internal metal structure provides better conductivity than most adapters on the market
  • Insulated design provides protection for complete safety while in use
  • Universal receptacle accepts plug type from almost any country (except the big type M plug from S. Africa)
  • Type M output is compatible* with sockets in South Africa and more (see full list below)

    Note: Plug Adapters Do Not Convert Voltage, They Just Change The Plug Type. Use A Proper Voltage Converter Along With A Plug Adapter If Your Device Is Incompatible With The Country’s Voltage.

    Other Countries Includes: Botswana / Lesotho / Mozambique / South Africa / Swaziland