LiteFuze 200 Watts Voltage Converter Transformer Step UP/Down

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Light Weight Compact Size
Small in Size & Weight For Easy Travel.
ConvertingBox Technology
No Noise, Light Weight & Energy Efficient
Thermal Fuse Protection
Protects The Converter From Overheating & Overload. Resets Itself After Few Hours.
Input Voltage Selection
Set Switch to 110V When Using In 110V Country Such As USA And Set It To 220V When Using in 220V Country Such UK.
Step Down Voltage Converter/Transformer
Allows you to Use 110/120 Volts North American (USA) Products in other countries where there is 220 volts electricity such as Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

Step Up Voltage Converter/Transformer
Allows you to Use 220/240 Volts Products from overseas in the North American (USA) where there is 110/120 volts electricity. 

Key Features 
  • Up to 100 Watt continuous use capacity
  • Single phase Dual Voltage Step Up or Step Down functionality
  • Smart circuitry and high resistance copper coil ensures durability
  • Fully Grounded Transformer from Input to Output for safe operation